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Noel combined his extensive engineering and management experience in developing the  HEB Construction Structures division into the respected provider that it is today. His philosophy of “growth through the development of people” enabled a controlled expansion of HEB Construction's structural construction service capability throughout the country. Noel’s belief in adding value through innovation became second nature to the way that every member of HEB Construction's Structures team operates today.

Noel has a substantial pedigree in the construction sector, both here and overseas.

  • an initial four years with constructor/client (South African Railways & Harbours)

  • followed by construction contracting all of his working life > 40 years.

  • 23 years of sound New Zealand construction 

  • 18 years of General Management in construction

Expert technical knowledge in construction of;

  • wharves & marine works

  • bridges & culverts

  • pump stations, reservoirs & tanks

  • sewage & water purification works

  • retaining structures

  • piling & ground improvement



Qualifications and training

  • CPEng IntPE (Civil and Structural)

  • Fellow of EngNZ

  • BSc Eng (Civil) 1974

  • Construction Management

  • Contract Law

  • Finance for Non-Financial Managers

  • Risk Management

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